Bond Scheme

Ffon/Phone: 0300 140 0025

The Care Society Bond scheme originated in 1999 and operates throughout Ceredigion from offices in Aberystwyth and Cardigan. We offer help in finding and securing safe, decent and affordable accommodation in the private rented sector to people who are homeless, facing homelessness or living in unsuitable conditions. Beneficiaries are however required to have a local connection and no other means of financially securing accommodation.

Who funds the scheme?    

The scheme is funded by the Welsh Government and is also supported by Ceredigion Local Authority.

How does it work?    

Anybody needing help in order to find or to move into accommodation can get in touch with the Bond scheme through our offices. We will set up an interview and offer advice and assistance on tenancy-related matters including:

    • Available Accommodation Options
    • Affordability and assistance in securing accommodation
    • Benefits advice and assistance
    • Landlord and tenant obligations
    • Provision of a Bond Guarantee (non-cash Bond Certificate) for those who meet the criteria
    • Help with Homelessness presentations and Housing Register Applications
    • Help in obtaining funding for rent advances
    • Referral to our Tenancy Support team or signposting to other agencies
    • Ongoing support for both tenants and landlords to help ensure the success of the tenancy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Who can apply for a Bond?    

Anyone who is homeless, facing homelessness or living in unsuitable conditions and requires assistance in finding and/or securing accommodation. Beneficiaries are however required to have a local connection. Anyone who has either had a failed bond previously or who has a record of failed tenancies may be refused Bond Cover, but may be able to access other support and advice on offer. 

What does a Bond Certificate cover?    

A Bond Certificate covers damage or loss of property – other than normal wear and tear. It covers up to the equivalent of a month’s rent and lasts for 12 months. It does not cover rent arrears. For all bond scheme tenancies, we make a record of the condition of the property and take an inventory at the start of the tenancy. The record and inventory would then be referred to in the event of a claim being made against the Bond. A Bond cannot be granted if a tenancy agreement has already been signed.

Would the Tenants have to pay anything back if the Bond Certificate was claimed on?    

Yes, if the terms and conditions of a Bond were broken the tenant would be expected to pay the costs incurred in fixing any damages and making good the property.

What we offer landlords:    

    • A non-cash Bond Guarantee Certificate (up to the value of a month’s rent) that has a 12 month lifespan
    • A written and photographic inventory
    • An assurance that every assistance will be given to safeguarding a successful tenancy and promoting that tenants conform to tenancy obligations
    • Advice and assistance on matters that may affect you as a landlord
    • Ongoing support to both tenant and landlord and intervention as a mediator if requested
    • Based on our considerable landlord/tenant experience, we are also able to offer a full professional Property Management Service.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            How to contact us?

If you are a prospective tenant requiring advice or assistance, or a Landlord interested in taking tenants on the Bond scheme or in requesting our full professional Property Management Service, please fill in the enquiry form below and state which area you are interested in, Cardigan or Aberystwyth.

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