Equality & Diversity

There are numerous ways in which we ensure that The Care Society promotes equality for people accessing our services. Equal Opportunities legislation underlines all our policies and procedures from recruitment and induction through to service delivery. Care Society employees and the people who use our services have a right to be treated fairly and without discrimination at all times. Our Project staff adhere to high ethical standards and commitment to the key principles of equality and diversity. These are set out within our Equality and Diversity Policy and Procedure document.

In order to uphold our commitment to these principles, we regularly review our Projects and our policies confer an obligation to report discrimination if it is encountered. All staff are sensitive to and understand the diverse needs of our clients. Additionally service users are encouraged to give their views on our service at any stage of their engagement with us. We ensure that everything we do is transparent and our policies are updated when necessary in order to meet the changing needs of current and future service users.

Many of our service users have multiple issues including substance and alcohol misuse, mental health issues, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, homelessness, etc. and are likely to have experienced discrimination at some point in their lives. Many are considered vulnerable and promoting equality and diversity are essential in order to build trust and deliver effective services. We expect high ethical standards and we make it very clear that discrimination in any form will not be tolerated. 


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